I love to see a smile on your eyes,
knowing that just for a moment,
the pain of the whole universe
does not linger.


The Serpents of Temptation




The dirty things we could have done

slink through my thoughts

like the serpents of temptation

in the Garden of Eden.


Lost opportunities leave me wondering, “Why?”

Why do we reserve ourselves

when our impulses are animalistic, at best?

For I shall love none other

the way I loved you.

And who knows what is to come?

In the Winter

weather analogies

The snow fell in flurries

the night we fell in love.

God’s crystals falling fast

like magic from above.

Your hand in mine,

we walked the path,

our destinies entwined,

nothing else in our minds

but to conquer the world

and make our love last.


So strong and powerful,

a force to be reckoned with;

we were the storms that

shook the Earth to her core,

the blizzards that stole

from their souls the warmth,

the gods the plebs cried to for

mercy and truth.