The Noble Creator


“The Noble Creator”. Kinda sounds like I hold myself in some ridiculously high, divine regard or something pretentious like that. Its simply a translation of my name, Allyson Smith. Allyson meaning noble, and smith meaning creator (like blacksmith, copper smith, etc.).

I write for several reasons, the main one being if I did not get all my ideas out of my head, I would probably explode. Literally. I write about all things I deem relevant, whether its politics, world news, my urban university, my teeny tiny hometown, or my own personal life. I write about everything and anything, there is no grass where my words won’t tread. Writing is more than a hobby, its a lifestyle, its a choice with a huge responsibility tacked on its back.

I started this website with a purpose (other than the fact that I had to do it for one of my classes). I want to make people think, and the act of enlightening oneself through knowledge, truth, and discovery out of the dark. I wish to inspire my audience to think, to question, to search, to adventure, and to seek the truth, always, everywhere.

Check me out on other social media outlets:

Instagram: @thenoblecreator

Youtube account will be posted soon, as the connection of all kinds of social media platforms makes posting confusing on occassion 😉