An Update

I am well aware of how little I post, and how bad I am at posting consistently. As a result, I wish to give whoever may read my blog a little update.

For one, I am an extremely busy person. I’m involved in three student organizations at my university, and am doing my best to maintain a 4.0 average for the semester – which is hard, because French is hard. Because of this, my writing has to be put on the back burner for a little bit. However, in my down time, I do write and I do try to plan some sort of schedule for posting (my goal is every two weeks).

In the past month since I have posted, I have had two of my poems published! The first, The State of the Union, was published in a journal dedicated to student literature at the University of Akron, called the Ashbelt Journal. I also submitted Death of a Student to UAkron’s student newspaper, The Buchtelite, because Akron’s administration has been under fire for a while now, and there was a real possibility of our teachers going on strike. While I wrote the poem last summer, the message in it still resonated with many students and faculty, as several of my peers assured me when they read the piece.

With the semester beginning to wind down soon, and the summer approaching, my goal is to have a new essay/literature piece every two weeks, and post poems intermittently- because I can’t control myself when my brain wants to pick up a pen, and writing is the only way to keep my running mouth from getting me in trouble (usually).  Anyway, as always, I look forward to hearing feedback and starting discussions based on whatever could possibly occur!




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