The State of the Union

state of the union

Home of the brave

and land of the free,

but only if you sing with me,

if you look like me,

if you think, speak, and act like me

and eat red, white, and blue propaganda with your corn flakes.



to shirk our moral compass

and step in line with your brothers and sisters all the way to the

Golden Arches and think about

twerking asses

but not the asses that run your life,

the elephant of a human ordering a diet coke,

but not the pachyderm that stomps on the voices of those

who speak out.


Stars and stripes

excuse oppression and silence our gripes

as we got told at five years old

just how lucky we are to live in “the greatest nation on Earth”,

perpetuating countless wars

and raping, and robbing the graves of our founding fathers.


They call the brave cowards

and we’re all slaves to the state.

We must act now and speak out

before it’s too late.

Big Brother is watching,

He’ll surely shut us up.

But ideas are bulletproof

and We the People have had enough.


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